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Belmont 2014 Aftermath

☛ June 10th, 2014 by ☛ admin


Another crown opportunity has slipped through time’s hands, leaving again an empty year for this championship’s road less traveled…

Yeah, ummm, now that the pomp and circumstance is out of the way—whazup with that smack during the final minutes of our nationally televised broadcast?


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CAPTION: Mr. Coburn, (man in hat) “Cowards!!!” Jerry Bailey: “Hey! Don’t critique my critique of Victor’s ride! How many Belmonts have you rode in, MOSS?” Randy Moss: “Oh yeah? Wanna try standing when you ask me that, BAILEY?” Tonalist (the horse): “Hey. I’m Tonalist… I won the Belmont Stakes. …if anybody cares…”


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