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*Rookie Mistake

☛ October 7th, 2014 by ☛ admin


Maybe it should be called the ‘watch-where-you’re walking ring’…. (No worries, Filep—there’s good reason no one else ever wants to ride THE DIVA.)


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CAPTION: Diva (horse): “Listen up, BUG BOY. I get you’re new to racing—but MY EYES ARE UP HERE! ”



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☛ October 1st, 2013 by ☛ admin


Coming soon to TOTAL HORSE CHANNEL: A new cartoon series featuring our very own DIVA CHALKCHASER!

“Need a fresh angle on racing? Enjoy the unique and slightly skewed commentary of DIVA CHALKCHASER, the better/prettier/sassier half of TEAM DIVA at OFF THE PACE. Diva now offers her years of perpetual maiden expertise to her adoring public and to all future up-and-coming filly ‘Divas’ in training. Now anyone can learn to underachieve every racing industry standard by simply following the RULES OF A RACING DIVA.”


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Oppan Gangnam Style

☛ October 13th, 2012 by ☛ admin


Diva’s tried racing as a front runner and as a closer, maybe Gangnam is more her style…


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OFF THE PACE SKETCHES: Misfit ideas and nonsensical gags not worth the trouble inking, but fun enough to add color to a pencil sketch for show..


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NEW FEATURE: The OTP Editorial

☛ June 4th, 2012 by ☛ admin


While The Diva and Filep are off arguing about which track to race next and how many lengths they’ll probably lose by, we present to you a new feature, the OFF THE PACE EDITORIAL. Our first cartoon in this series is US jockey ROSIE NAPRAVNIK.




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Caption: Rosie Napravnik and horse Believe You Can. Rosie became the first woman to win the Kentucky Oaks and is only the second female jock to ride in the Belmont Stakes. Congratulations, Rosie, on your historic accomplishments…

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