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Horse Racing Reality TV—Big Girls Pony Club

☛ July 24th, 2016 by ☛ admin

There just aren’t enough good shows on TV these days, especially for the die-hard racing fan. What if I told you comedic turf-writing talent KATE RICHARDS thinks it’s time for a change? Read her visions for reality television, horse racing style on HORSE RACING NATION. Click the link below for where to tune in!



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Cartoon drawn by OFF THE PACE artist, A.E. SABO.
Stars (l-r) Turf writer Kate Richards, CD Mixologist Jo-an McDowell, Talk Host Bill O’Reilly, HOF Jockey Pat Day, Sports Radio Talk Host Buck Grottano, Jockey Miguel Mena and daughters, Miss Edna’s Fried Chicken at Saratoga


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